Amateur (Ham) Radio Repair

by Mike Nadeau N1EQ in Maine



This is a one-man independent repair shop.

I only service certain Icom HF rigs (and some Kenwoods when workloads permit).

Please check my Radio List to see what models I service.


Terms of Service:

Email is the primary and preferred method of contact.

Phone consultation is available to established customers only.

Prior authorization is required before shipping your radio in for service.

All incoming shipments are done on an appointment basis.

Payments, including credit/debit cards, are processed on-line via PayPal.

I do not accept checks, money orders, or cash.

All return shipments are via UPS Ground, shipped directly to the customer.

No trans-shipments, no third-party transactions, and no dealers/resellers.

My service is limited to U.S. hams within the contiguous U.S.

Detailed policies are posted here.


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Days of Operation:

Monday through Friday

Closed weekends and holidays.



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Tech Notes:

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