I only accept transceivers from licensed U.S. amateurs with valid call-signs.

My service is limited to U.S. hams residing in the contiguous U.S.

Days of Operation:
Monday through Friday.
Closed weekends and holidays.

Radio’s Condition:
I expect radios sent in for repair to be in reasonably good condition.
No restoration projects,  botched repair attempts, or rigs that have been otherwise tampered with.
And no rigs that have corrosion, water damage, or tobacco/nicotine residue.
If I determine a radio’s condition has been misrepresented, whether intentional or not, I may deny services and return the unit at the customer’s expense.
Only complete radios are accepted for service. Individual circuit boards or assemblies are not accepted.

My work is warranted for a period of 30 days. This warranty applies to the actual repair only. If my workmanship should fail, I will make it right. No other warranty is assumed or implied. If an unrelated problem should arise during the warranty period, new repair charges may be applied, at my discretion.

This is an internet-based business.
Email is the primary and preferred method of contact.
I do not conduct business by phone, fax, or mail.
Phone consultation is available to established customers only (if a complex issue needs to be discussed).

Payments, including credit/debit cards, are processed on-line via PayPal.
The customer does not actually need a PayPal account to pay by credit/debit card.
I do not process credit/debit card payments in-house, only via PayPal.

Prior authorization is required before shipping a radio in for service.
I only accept shipments from U.S. hams residing in the contiguous U.S.
Acceptable shipping methods are UPS Ground (preferred), FedEx Ground/Home Delivery, and Priority Mail.
Return shipments are via UPS Ground, using my account, shipped to the customer’s billing address.
No trans-shipments.

Shipping Damage:
If I receive a radio in damaged condition, and it’s obviously due to inadequate packing, I will either repair the damage at the customer’s expense, or I will refuse service and have the radio returned at the customer’s expense.
I will not be held responsible, or waste my time pursuing a pointless insurance claim, if the customer did not have the radio packed properly, and it’s clear to me that the claim will likely be denied.

No in-person drop-off or pick-up:
This is a home-based business, and my home is not open to the public.

No third-party transactions:
I will not transact through a third-party. I will only deal with the owner of the radio directly.

No third-party shipments:
If you purchase a radio that needs servicing, I will not accept shipment from the seller. The rig must be in your hands first, so you see what condition it is in. Then you may make arrangements to ship to me.
If you decide to sell your radio before or during repairs, I will only ship it back to you, not the buyer. And my invoice and warranty will be in your name only.

No dealers/re-sellers:
I offer my services to end-users only. I do not offer my services to “dealers”, whether it is an official dealership or an individual that resells for profit.


Mike Nadeau N1EQ in Maine