Kenwood TS-2000 LED Backlight Conversion

Note: I no longer service Kenwood gear.

If the display lamps in your TS-2000 go out, they can be replaced with LEDs.

I used Lite-On part no. LTL1CHKSKNN, available from Mouser (part no. 859-LTL1CHKSKNN).

NOTE: Unlike lamps, polarity must be observed when installing LEDs.

Resistors R41, R42 and R43 (on the Display Unit) are replaced with 150-ohm 1/2-watt resistors.

Here is a TS-2000 with the LED conversion:


This picture shows two of the LEDs and one of the 150-ohm resistors:


NOTE: If you don’t have the skills or equipment to work with static-sensitive surface-mount components, please leave it to an experienced technician.

DISCLAIMER: Attempting these modifications on your own equipment is at your own risk. If you have any doubts, don’t try it.

Mike Nadeau – N1EQ

December 19, 2007