Turn-Around Time:
Turn-around time is usually one week or less. But sometimes more time is needed, if there are intermittent or unusual problems, or special parts need to be ordered.

Replacement Parts:
I do my best to keep the most needed components on hand. But occasionally, I may have to place a special order. And unless otherwise noted, all parts are new-unused.
I also have an inventory of “parts donor” radios, for circumstances when new parts are no longer available. And the customer will always be advised if such components must be used.

Optional Accessories:
I don’t keep optional accessories in stock, such as crystal filters, high-stability/TCXO units, voice synthesizers, etc. Those are available from dealers.
I only have normal repair parts in stock. However, I can install options when supplied by the customer.

I mainly do repairs, not modifications. Although some modifications may be considered, but only if the radio is sent in for repair.
Modifications to improve reliability are generally acceptable, but many “performance mods” are not.
I’d rather not do roofing-filter mods. And I certainly will not do PIN-diode or Schottky-diode mods, nor will I increase transmitter output beyond manufacturer’s specifications.
Out-of-band modifications may be done for legitimate purposes, such as MARS and the 60-meter band.

I do not sell new or used gear, nor do I sell parts or manuals. But if I do occasionally have something to sell, it will likely be on eBay.

My education and experience:
I have no credentials. I’m self-taught, other than a two-year electronics course in high school. In 1980, I began repairing consumer electronics; I worked for a land-mobile radio shop; then I began repairing amateur radio gear for local hams. By the late 1980’s, I was specializing in ham radio repairs. And now, my business is totally internet-based.

My work bench: