ICOM IC-746/756/PRO Series: Damaged Dual-Concentric Pots

Note: I don’t sell parts. My inventory is for repairing my customer’s radios only.

Frankly, I shouldn’t have to publish this article. But unfortunately, some folks, as well as some pack-and-ship stores, fail to properly pack these radios for shipment.

When these rigs are not packed properly, their dual-concentric potentiometers (pots) are quite vulnerable to damage.

If the radio is not secure in its packaging and/or there isn’t enough protection of its front-panel, the weight of the radio bearing down on the front-panel controls can cause these pots to crack.

The following front-panel controls can be damaged:

IC-746: AF/RF/SQL and NR/APF

These pots are no longer available. But I’ve acquired some suitable replacements, which are electrically identical. But they must be wired in. And the inner knob must be replaced with a different style.

See the pictures below for details.

A damaged pot shown on the left, and an undamaged pot on the right:

An original pot shown above a replacement type:

An original pot shown above a replacement type, with knobs:

Mike Nadeau – N1EQ

September 25, 2019