NOTICE: Shop will be closed Dec 23 thru Jan 1, and will reopen on Jan 2.

Summary of how I do business:

Step #1 – Contact:

Please check my Rig List to see what models I service.

Send your request to: (MIKE@N1EQ.COM)

And please include the following information:

  • Your call-sign and model number of radio (in the subject line).
  • A detailed description of what is wrong with your radio, such as what bands and/or modes are affected.
  • Please mention if the radio was obtained in this condition, or if there were any repair attempts or modifications.
  • And you might mention the serial number, since some radios had various design changes during their production runs.

I do my best to answer all reasonable requests, often within one business day.
(I usually spend weekends and holidays away from the shop and computer.)

If I have an idea of repairs needed, I will advise. But I can’t provide a complete diagnosis, or estimate of costs, until I actually examine the radio.

Step #2 – Authorization:

When accepting a radio for repair, I will authorize a 15-day window for shipment.
If the 15-day authorization period should expire, please check with me again before shipping.

Step #3 – Shipping:

After you’ve received authorization to ship, please be sure your radio is properly packed (see Shipping instructions). And ship it during the 15-day authorization period.
Acceptable shipping methods are UPS Ground (preferred), FedEx Ground/Home Delivery, and Priority Mail. Please do not use Parcel Post.

Note: A tracking number would be appreciated.

Step #4 – Notification:

I will notify you by email when your radio has arrived. And I usually unpack rigs the same day I receive them.

Step #5 – Repair:

I will keep you posted during the repair process.  Most repairs are complete within a few business days, or a week at most. But occasionally, I do need to order parts, which could cause a delay. And if your rig has an intermittent problem, it could take a while to isolate.

Step #6 – Invoicing:

When repairs are complete, I will send an itemized PayPal invoice via email.

Step #7 – Payment:

You can pay securely on-line, via PayPal, with any major credit or debit card.
You do not actually need a PayPal account.
Note: I cannot process credit/debit card payments in-house, only via PayPal.

Step #8 – Return Shipment:

After I receive payment, I will schedule a UPS Ground pickup, which is usually the next business day. And I will provide you with the tracking number.  Your radio will be re-packed in its original box(es), if supplied. And a printed invoice and replaced components, if any, will be enclosed in the package.